DFX: From Beginner to Advanced

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DFX: From Beginner to Advanced by Clive James Clynick. Soft back, 90 pages, Illustrated B&W, 13.5cm x 21.5cm.

DFX: From Beginner to Advanced by Clive James Clynick. Soft back, 90 pages, Illustrated B&W, 13.5cm x 21.5cm.

The ideal companion to White's DFX metal detector. This book by Clive James Clynick will help you to get the most from your DFX. The proven methods given will help to improve your accuracy and versatility with the White's Spectrum E series. From complete beginner to advanced detectorist, this book will shed light on the DFX. Clive James Clynick passes on his vast experience of metal detecting from the past three decades. This book shows practical and realistic ways in which basic skills can help both the new and more experienced hunters to become more effective in the field. On the Back Cover Clive James Clynick is the author of seven previous treasure hunting books and numerous articles. This book of proven methods for improving your accuracy and versatility with the White’s Spectrum “E” Series DFX will be of benefit to detectorists at all levels.

Topics include:

  • How basic skills can benefit hunters at all levels
  • Modifying the presets for better performance
  • Coil control methods for greater accuracy
  • Hunting specifically for gold jewellery
  • All-metal methods and “reverse hunting;”
  • Tuning for sand, dense trash and iron
  • Site-specific DFX applications
  • Detecting “the first ten feet” of a shoreline
  • Running “notch” programmes
  • “Silver only” hunting
  • Understanding and modifying the EEPROMS
  • And much more…
  • Introduction
  • Set-up
  • Modifying the coins pre-set
  • Modifying the coins / jewellery pre-set
  • Modifying the jewellery / beach pre-set
  • Sand: assessing sand
  • Fresh water
  • Salt environments
  • Sand consistency
  • All metal beach hunting
  • Coil Control "hand to eye to ear"
  • Discriminate mode target information
  • Understanding the discriminate "ramp up" tone
  • All-metal target information
  • DFX Target readings
  • VDI (Visual Target Identification)
  • Signagraph
  • Depth meter
  • Coin hunting method choices
  • Normal Ranges coin hunting
  • Wide open or "inclusive" hunting
  • Exclusive or Discriminate Hunting
  • High power range coin hunting
  • "Silver only" hunting using coil control and DC phase
  • Developing and running notch programmes
  • Setting up notch programmes
  • Saving a notch programme
  • Picnic groves and iron infested sites
  • Reducing interference in iron
  • AC sensitivity
  • Coil control in iron
  • Versatility: adjusting the net
  • Sports fields
  • Old sites: varying your selectivity
  • Finding gold and silver jewellery with the DFX
  • Tabs, tabs, tabs!
  • Gold VDI responses: testing a cross-section of rings
  • Shorelines: "the first ten feet"
  • "Reverse hunting" with the DFX
  • Preamp gain
  • Understanding the EEPROMS
  • "Deep silver"
  • "Hi-trash"
  • "Hi-Pro"
  • Probes
  • Conclusion
  • "Rundown"
  • Magazines
  • Internet sites and forums
  • Ethics
  • Other books by this author.



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