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Choose your detector and fill in the form below. You will be notified within 48 hours of the decision on your application. If your application is successful, you will be sent a completed agreement for you to check over, sign and return to us in the pre-paid envelope together with the deposit if any. This proposal does not hold you to any particular detector or any contract. Written quotations can be provided on request.

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What metal detector would you like to buy?

Regton offer 0% APR interest free credit on all machine only priced detectors (over £200.00). Take the detector price as advertised and simply divide by the number of months over which you wish to pay for your detector.

Step 1 Choose a Detector (Accessory packs not included)

* if the item you would like to buy is not on the list, please give us a call at 0121 359 7975
Check available Metal Detectors on Regton site

Step 2 Choose how many months you wish to pay over (up to 18 months) Months

Step 3 Price of detector without any accessories: £

Step 4 We require minimum 10% deposit £

Step 5 Leaving you with the balance £

Step 6 This is your approximate monthly payment £

Step 7 Total amount you will pay £

Interest Free Credit with Regton

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