Castles - England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

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Castles of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Castles - England + Scotland + Wales + Ireland

The definitive guide to the most impressive buildings and intriguing sites.

The Castles of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland have been the focus of great historical events since the Norman conquest. They were built as bases from which to attack and dominate, as places of refuge and defence, and to be the homes of their owners and guardians. Today, they range from forgotten and overgrown mounds to majestic and awe-inspiring buildings such as Caernarfon, Stirling, Warwick, and trim. Evocative, mysterious, and often in outstandingly beautiful settings, castles are a unique part of the story of Britain and Ireland.

In Castles, hundreds of dramatic photographs are accompanied by plans, archive illustrations and early pictures. All help to capture the power and romance of these tremendous buildings.

Castles book includes descriptions of hundreds of these special buildings in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. They include remote ruins in isolated settings and imposing piles in towns and cities. Especially important and interesting castles are given extended coverage.

There are feature articles on:

  • Early fortifications
  • Building castles
  • Later castles
  • Changing roles for castles at the end of the castle
  • Royal castles
  • Sieges
  • Weapons
  • The Civil War
  • Entertainment and sport life in castles
  • Kings, barons, and society
  • Food and drink.

Castles is based on the classic work by historian and medieval expert Plantagenet Somerset Fry and has been completely revised and redesigned for this new edition.

Plantagenet Somerset Fry wrote over 50 historical books, and his Castles of the British Isles was the standard reference on the subject. He was a celebrated academic and a senior member of Wolfson College, Cambridge.

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