Bluff your way in Archaeology

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Bluff your way in Archaeology. Soft back, 64 pages, 11cm x 17.5cm.

Bluff your way in Archaeology. Soft back, 64 pages, 11cm x 17.5cm.

Such is the extent to which this very funny book 'twists the tail' of professional archaeology, it was suggested that its insider author might never work again! He does, which just goes to show that 'archies' do have a gsoh after all.


  • What is archaeology?
  • Being an archaeologist;
  • Types of archaeologist;
  • Archaeology in the field;
  • The specialists;
  • Fields of specialisation;
  • The outer limits;
  • Archaeology in print;
  • Some names to know;
  • Famous archaeologists;
  • Glossar.


On the back cover:

Bluffers guides - a series of snappy little books containing facts, jargon, and all you need to know for instant expertise. 'The popular image of archaeologists is that of a bunch of absent minded scruffs and misfits covered in dust and cobwebs. The bluffer will stress, however, with a knowing smile, that this is not always true - some of them are only slightly absent minded, and a few keep quite clean'. The Bluffers Guide to Archaeology should be in every archaeologist's library. This delightful book abounds in ironical insights and wry explanations of archaeological mystique and jargon'. British Archaeological News

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