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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (MCT) – They look for places where pioneers heading west climbed from covered wagons to assess a creek crossing. Places where blue coats and gray coats camped and perhaps traded gunfire. Places where families picnicked and played at the water’s edge.

And when they find these places, they look for buried treasure.

Once a month they gather to wave their wands across the earth in search of traces of the past before a modern-day picnic of grilled hot dogs and potluck fare. Welcome to a typical meeting of the Mid-Western Artifact Society.

One recent Sunday morning, two dozen members combed the grounds of an old Boy Scout camping spot at the southern edge of Swope Park in Kansas City, Mo. After a little socializing, it was time to do some “ground fishing,” as metal detecting is sometimes known.

Some members wandered with their instruments in the shade of old oak trees and at the edges of woods. Others paced in a grid pattern across open, grassy areas. All wore some type of utility apron to pocket trash as well as any treasures.

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