Article | Funds needed to keep Viking hoard in South Cumbria

Published by BBC News Cumbria,  Tuesday 17th April 2012

A fundraising appeal is under way to keep a Viking treasure find within South Cumbria.

The Furness Hoard of Viking Treasure was found a year ago at an undisclosed site by a metal detector enthusiast.

Campaigners need to raise £50,000 to buy and put it on display at the Dock Museum in Barrow.

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Cumbria metal detector find set to rewrite Viking history

Published by The West MorlandGazette, Wednesday 30th November 2011.

“A CHANCE discovery on Furness soil by an amateur metal detectorist is set to re-write the history books, say experts.

Viking history is being turned on its head by the find of 92 rare silver coins and assorted artefacts dating to around 955 AD, indisputably linking the area with Norse.” Taken from article.

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