Conservo – New Cleaning Solution for Coins

Conservo Cleaning Solution is a new cleaning product for cleaning coins. It is available in 2 sizes: 250ml and 500ml. Be the first to order yours. Go to our website

Directions for use:

  • cleaning fluid designed to clean items made of silver, copper, brass and their alloys.
  • When cleaning items containing small amount of silver or items mage of copper/brass it is advised to monitor the cleaning process and soak the items for no longer than a few minutes.
  • CONSERVO can be diluted using distilled water if the solution appears to strong.
  • An item should be soaked in the solution, alternatively the solution can be dabbed onto the item using a cotton bud. Use glass containers only.
  • The length of the cleaning process depends on the level of dirt/rust and the expected effect. If the results are not satisfying after the first cleaning, whole process can be repeated.
  • Cleaned object should be boiled in distilled water for 2-3 minutes when cleaning process is finished (to remove the remains if the fluid).


  • Prolonged soaking can result in complete removal of the patina.
  • The cleaned item should be removed from the solution every 10-15 minutes, rinsed under running water and wiped clean  with a soft brush and soap.
  • It is recommended to test the effect on a piece of metal similar to the item you intend to clean.

Avoid contact with eyes/skin. Wear Latex gloves. Read the safety information on the label before use.


Cleaning your finds


The barrelling kit is a great accessory to clean some of your finds. It gives perfect results every time.

before-after-barrelling-coin-cleaningBarrelling machine can be used for cleaning and polishing certain kinds of metal, stone and plastics. Partially fill the drum with steel shapes in the soap solution provided. Then add the objects to be cleaned and rotate for a period of time.

after-and-after-barrellingThe machine can give a variety of finishes including matt and polished and can be used to remove sharp edges and scratches.

cleaned-with-barrelling-kitThis is a very harsh method of cleaning and is generally used for solid copper-alloy objects such as recent coinage or modern badges etc.

barrelling-cleanedDo not use on items that are plated, enamelled or have stones in them as this will be removed.

barrelling-kit-inside This 3lb barrelling machine is manufactured in the UK, is fully quality tested for optimum performance. Additional barrels, accessories and parts are available.

Barrelling Kit, complete with steel shapes, soap and full instructions.

Dimensions: Barrel – 11.5cm diameter x 14cm width, Machine – 21cm x 13cm x 13cm.