metal detecting book children treasure

Metal Detecting novel for children

Metal detector enthusiast Larry Portch and his daughter Michelle Portch tell the story of four children and aspiring treasure hunters who find far more than they bargained for in their new book, “Union Ghosts of Mountsville Hollow: And the Four Confederate Banshees” (published by AuthorHouse).

“Union Ghosts of Mountsville Hollow” follows a group of children on a quest for treasure and adventure. Equipped with their metal detectors, they expect to find minerals, coins and the occasional hunk of junk. As their luck would have it, they find themselves in the midst of the battle of Mountsville Hollow surrounded by what appear to be Civil War soldiers.

The children’s parents have been planning a trip to the same area to metal detect. With their concerned parents sure to be heading their way, the children have to hurry home to their parents, with their newfound friends from beyond the grave as their guides.

Filled with historical facts from the Civil War era, Larry and Michelle Portch are confident their story will not only entertain, but also educate readers.

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metal detecting book children treasure

School children learn metal detecting

Brown’s School children learn metal detecting with West Kent Detector Club

West Kent Detector Club (WKDC)  went to visit children at Brown’s School and gave them a very exciting and educating lesson on a metal detecting hobby.

Before the digging lesson, the club buried 50 Victorian coins in the grounds of Brown’s School, Hawstead Lane, Chelsfield.

Children using metal detectors managed to find around 30 of the coins plus a few current day money and a ring.


children learn metal detecting

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Metal dete

Local fun charity day

Nigel was approached for ideas to include in a local fun charity day.

This method is quick & easy to arrange as we’ve done them before. A simple area marked out with posts & tape add a couple of bales of best English straw spread around the enclosure, add a liberal sprinkling of chocolate gold coins and then let the kids find them, no digging required.

The upshot was a great day out in the very welcome sunshine with loads of kids & a few adults (just helping honest guv) great fun, loads of interest, even a couple of detectorists came over to see what was happening.

Four things we learnt from this:

  1. Children lie through their teeth when it comes to chocolate.
  2. You need at least 5 coins per child otherwise they won’t give up.
  3. Chocolate gold coins & sunshine don’t mix.
  4. It takes ages to remove chocolate residue from detector handles.

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