Can I Metal Detect On The Beach?

As the weather has brightened up and we are heading towards the winter storms, you might be wondering… Can I metal detect on the beach? The short answer is yes, but like most detecting spots, there are some rules and regulations you need to consider before you get out to the beach. 

Metal Detecting On Beaches

The Crown Estate does not own every beach – so you need to make sure that you get the right kind of permission before you start your beach metal detecting adventures. Check beforehand what beaches your permission gives you, and also the kind of beach you are planning to attend.

Crown Estates

Anybody wishing to carry out metal detecting on our foreshore is granted a permissive right from The Crown Estate; this permissive right does not apply to the seabed, riverbeds or any other Crown Estate land. For more information about the crown estate, please click here.

On beaches not owned by The Crown Estate, you should contact the relevant council or trust first and seek permission to detect on their land. In most cases, this should be acceptable – but it is always good to contact who is relevant first.

There may be council or trust owned beaches where metal detecting on beaches is not acceptable – not necessarily because of the metal detector itself, but because of digging rules. A short search or phone call should be able to clarify if digging is permitted on the beach before you travel.

What Will I Need For Beach Detecting?

Beach metal detecting can differ from land detecting due to the fine texture of sand and the ocean. It’s important to check the kind of detector you have before you set off. A waterproof metal detector would be most beneficial for the beach to reduce the limits of where you can detect. 

We recommend a metal beach spade or equivalent digging equipment to dig your finds. Ensure that your spade or trowel is suitable for sand, so you can easily access any finds. Don’t forget to bring a finds pouch or somewhere to store your new finds! 

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