Two Articles on the Bronze Age Axe Head

Bronze Age relic found on Wigan farmland

Published by Wigan Today, Thursday 28th June 2012

A STUNNING Bronze Age axe-head has been unearthed in Wigan.

Edwina Abbott, who owns Fir Tree Farm in Billinge, never imagined that historian Stephen Hickling would find a 4,000-year-old relic when she agreed to let him search its acreage with his metal detector.

But she admits that, at first, she thought the 4ins bronze axe-head was just “a rusty old piece of metal”!

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Huyton metal detector finds rare Bronze Age axe head in St Helens

Published by Liverpool Echo, written by Sean Bradbury, Friday June 28th, 2012.

Fifty-two-year-old historian Steve Hickling, from Huyton, was hunting for treasure in the grounds of Fir Tree Farm Shop and Cafe, in St Helens, earlier this year when he uncovered the axe head.

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