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Beginner metal detectroist finds 7th century golden fish

A rare golden fish believed by experts to be part of an ornate 7th century belt buckle, was discovered by Barry Shannon. A fisherman who has taken up a metal detecting hobby.  Mr Shannon is a beginner. He said the discovery was one of his first since taking up metal detecting. He only started four days previously – and that was only his fourth time at it. But given his other pastime, Mr Shannon  mistook the item for an everyday bit of fishing kit. It looked like a spinner you put on the end of a line to catch a fish to him.

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gold treasure artefact metal detecting



Patrick puts treasure find down to beginner’s luck

Published by Burton Mail, Written by John Crossley, Friday April 6th 2012  

“A TREASURE hunter said it was ‘pure luck’ when he unearthed 10 silver coins dating to the 14th Century.

Patrick Corbett made the incredible discovery during an organised dig near Ticknall in March last year.” – Taken from Article

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