Best Metal Detectors For The Beach

The summer season might be coming to an end, but there is never a better time to head on down to our coasts for some beach metal detecting! We have provided an extensive guide on the UK’s best beach metal detectors, ready to help you score some great finds!

Garrett Distributor Rally

What should I look for in a beach metal detector?

Features of a metal detector for the beach are definitely key. Consider transportability and other features before your purchase. If you are considering detecting on the wet part of the beach, a waterproof metal detector may be beneficial. Detecting the beach can present you with a variety of different finds!

You will possibly have a metal detector in mind already for beach detecting, but if you don’t, researching the benefits of each brand will help enable your decision. There’s no one-size-fits-all with metal detecting, especially beach detecting so finding what suits you best is key.

What are the best metal detectors for the beach?

There are two main (optimal) types of detectors for beach detecting – pulse induction and multi-frequency. Technology of both of these features can be beneficial for beach detecting. Pulse Induction (PI) detectors are used to maximise your depth when detecting on a beach as they’re not so affected by minerals in the ground, so they’re great for beach metal detecting. This seems like the ultimate detector, right? Unfortunately PI machines do not have the ability to discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous targets very well. This is why you don’t see them typically used in land- there are VLF detectors that can discriminate much more efficiently.

Simultaneous Multi-Frequency (SMF, Multi-flex or FMF) detectors have excellent detection depth, with an ability to reject iron targets as well as other rubbish if required. This means you can sift through beaches without finding too many junk items. They are great on mineralized environments such as wet sand environments both in the water & also on dry sand/inland.

What is the benefit of tailoring my detector to the beach?

Enhanced performance, iron rejection and weatherproofing are all key in beach metal detecting. A water/weatherproof metal detector is beneficial to beach detecting as you will have access to wider areas on the beach which then enables you to detect freely without the worry of dropping your metal detector in the water.

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