Eboracum (Ryedale) Hoard comes to auction

This remarkable hoard of 65 coins and 4 ingots found by two metal detectorists in a North Yorkshire field in 2012 has come onto the open market in a highly unusual sale. The hoard is a fascinating insight into the power struggles of the northern Danelaw and King Aethelstan’s subsequent recapturing of York from the Vikings in a.d. 927. We see on the coins a fascinating mix of the different cultures and religions prevalent in 10th century England.This opportunity to buy items from the Eboracum (Ryedale) Hoard is so rare because coins of this nature are normally declared treasure under the 1996 act and go to museums.In this case, both the Yorkshire Museum in York and British Museum disclaimed the hoard – describing it as overvalued – and so the 65 coins and four ingots, found by two metal detectorists in a North Yorkshire field in 2012, went back to their finders. London numismatists Spink have catalogued the material in about 60 lots for their March 26 sale in London. Spink specialist Jon Mann said: “I can’t think of a single find in recent times, at least since the Treasure Act was put into place in 1996, where something of this magnitude and period has not gone to a museum collection. In that respect it is a highly unusual thing to come onto the market.”

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Eboracum (Ryedale) Viking Hoard

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