XP deus metal detector transport case

New XP metal detector transport case!!!

The perfect accessory to transport, store and protect your XP equipment.
This new case is the solution to keep all your XP products in one place and take it with you everywhere.
Made from polypropylene, it is designed to be durable, shock and weatherproof resistant and light to carry. Stainless steel hinges guarantee a long life. And a large base gives it a good stability.


XP deus metal detector transport case
XP deus metal detector transport case
  • Inside foam is cut to house all your XP material
  • Parts are perfectly secured
  • Foam is shaped to meet up to 3 coils , even the 38/45 cm one
  • Slot for padlock
  • Double security lock
  • Wide handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Size: 73 x 47 x 17 cm  weight: 3.3kg

To order just call Regton Metal Detector Specialists

XP DEUS metal detector Transport carry case

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