treasure hoard metal detected in romania

Dacian treasure worth €100,000 unearthed near Targu Mures.

Two thousand years ago Dacian jewellers hid their possessions from thieves.
A real treasure: silver jewellery, today worth thousands of Euros, was found less than 15 cm below the ground, in Targu Mures, by a treasure hunter.
The treasure hunter apart from gaining the fame, is to be rewarded by the authorities up to 45% of the value of his find.

Dacian Silver Hoard, which seems to date from the first century BC, was found 10 km from the city of Targu Mures by a pensioner.

“I had a high-pitch tone when I discovered the treasure. It was 10-15 cm below the ground,” said John Gal, treasure hunter.

After a few minutes, the treasure consisting of 14 parts, was removed from the ground.

“At first I did not see these small objects in the dirt. At first I took earrings and bracelets, and than other items, one by one,” said John Gal.
After he told his friends about the discovery, the treasure hunter handed it to the authorities next day.
According to the law, the man should receive a reward of 30-45% of the value of the treasure within a period of a year and a half.

“The value is based on the demand on the market, prices of similar items and on items from the same period with a similar value. This trove is unique in Mures region. Similar treasures have never been found” said the director of County Museum, Zoltan Soós.

Items are now kept in the Museum Of Mures County, and will go on display after being examined by specialists.

Mr John Gal found this treasure using a Garrett Ace 250 metal detector

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