metal detecting on the beach

Metal detecting enthusiasts discover smoke marker at the beach

A amateur treasure seeker has discovered an unexploded Second World War “bomb” on his first visit with a fellow enthusiast.
A few weeks ago Mr Mournian, had joined a website for people who go out with metal detectors and arranged to meet up with Darren for the first time at the weekend.
They were walking along when noticed something sticking out of the sand – they thought it was a boulder at first. When they tapped it they realised it was metal and was giving off a strange smell.

The device uncovered on Perranporth beach on Sunday by Jonathan Mournian and his friend Darren Troon was identified as a Fairey Swordfish smoke. Visible writing indicated it had come from a Fairey Swordfish. It was not explosive, but could have been harmful due to the smoke inside.

It was later detonated by the bomb disposal team.

Mr Mournian couldn’t believe that on their first metal detecting trip together they found something like this. He said he has already uncovered coins and jewellery while out treasure hunting with his metal detector.

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metal detecting on the beachJonathan Mournian and Darren Troon
with the smoke marker they uncovered on Perranporth Beach

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