Weekend Wanderers Rally 2013

Well we’re now all back safe & sound from the Weekend Wanderers Rally held over the weekend. Regton had six members in attendance with a further one from Teknetics and seven from XP all on hand to help, advise & demonstrate. We were largely blessed with decent weather despite a few small showers but only had us dashing for cover a few times over the weekend. The rally itself was based on fields that had been previously rallied in 2006 & 2008 but still yielded many interesting finds and anyone who collects .303 bullets were extremely happy, oh well that’s rallies for you.

Mike Scott from Teknetics was on hand to demonstrate units & did a great job promoting the new Eurotek metal detectors to all & sundry, the XP guys had a rather risky & novel approach to the rally with a large banner inviting anyone with anything to Challenge the Deus Metal Detector (brave or risky, you decide), four tests were offered & many tried but all failed, very interesting to watch.

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