Weekend Wanderers Rally 2013 in Oxfordshire

Weekend Wanderers Rally 2013 in Oxfordshire

September 6th/7th/8th  2013


The Regton road show will be on site for all three days, this year we will have in attendance staff from both XP in France and also Teknetics from USA, all on hand to help you with anything you may want to discuss or have demonstrated.

We carry most detectors & accessories at the rally however if there is something specific that you need please e-mail us sales@regton.com with your requirements and we will endeavour to have that item waiting for you

For anyone who has not attended a Weekend Wanderers rally, the statistics say it all, three years ago approx. 1500 attended, last year approx. 1800 detectorists attended, even if you don’t detect this represents a fantastic opportunity to meet other like-minded people and maybe get an insight into your next detector or answer some questions that websites simply can’t help with.

Regton look forward to seeing you in the field.

weekend wanderers rally
weekend wanderers rally 2013 regton at rally

Weekend Wanderers Rally

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