Feedback Wanted on Scoop

Just putting a picture of a new scoop we are looking to market, would like some feedback, expected retail around £130, this is a professionally produced scoop not to be confused with generic scoops we see from all corners of the world that are usually not up to much despite exaggerated claims to the contrary. It is made from high grade aluminium, cut out using CNC machine & TIG welded throughout, the scoop is then shot blasted to give a uniform finish.



No handle comes with the scoop, two reasons, carriage of such a long inexpensive part would be high and secondly you can then source your own handle to your own length and shape. It would come with a one year warranty against any welds failing, as with any digging tool if you exert enough force anything can break or bend so common sense would hopefully prevail, I have to say this is one of the strongest & best thought out scoops I’ve seen.

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