Article | Dave Crisp: Frome Hoard find ‘the pinnacle’ of metal detecting career

Published by This is Somerset, Monday 19th November, 2012

In the sometimes solitary and occasionally mocked world of metal detecting, he is the David Beckham, the Prince William, the Barack Obama.

For when Dave Crisp unearthed one of the most important hoards of Roman coins ever found in Britain, he instantly became a hero to the thousands.

And now, with growing interest in the hobby – thanks, in part to Mr Crisp’s jackpot discovery – newcomers to the pastime need a detailed guide about how to be a great metal detector. And who better to write it than the finder of the Frome Hoard?

The book, Metal Detecting – all you need to know to get started, took 18 months to write, while Mr Crisp worked 60-hour weeks in his job, dealt with the aftermath of his discovery and continued to indulge in his beloved hobby.

Now retired, he is as busy as ever, and hopes his book will help those people who’ve been inspired by his discovery.

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