Article | Treasure Hunters want to work with city on ordinance to regulate metal detecting in parks

Published by Laconia Daily Sun, written by Michael Kitch

LACONIA — Three representatives of the Granite State Treasure Hunters appeared before the Parks and Recreation Commission last night after Kevin Dunleavy, director of Parks and Recreation, asked the commissioners to consider regulating the use of metal detectors and golf clubs in city parks.
Doug Sargent of Franklin, president of organization, which is approaching its 40th year and counts 70 members, told the commission “we are very supportive of rules and regulations, but would not like to see a prohibition. We’re not out there to destroy property,” he said. He explained that the organization worked with the city of Nashua, which developed a permitting process, and suggested the commission review its ordinance. 
“Playing fields,” Sargent said, “should be off-limits.”
Sargent emphasized that his members “police their own hobby” as well as collect, bag and dispose of any trash they find. Apart from antiquities, he said those with metal detectors also find lost items. “We are ethically bound to try to find the owners,” he remarked, noting that he recently returned a class ring that went missing six years ago.
Jeff Pattison, chairman of the commission thanked Sargent for providing it with information, which he said would be considered in the course of drafting regulations.

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