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A stronghold of an Illyrian Queen

Ancient Rhizon was also a political centre for the Illyrians and it was here that Teuta, Queen of the Ardiaei tribe, established her capital.

After negotiations broke down between Teuta and the Romans (who requested her to put an end to piracy in the Adriatic), the First Illyrian War broke out in 229 BC. However, the Illyrians could not withstand the might of Rome and the war was a short lived affair.

Not much else is known about Rhizon’s place in history as hardly any documentary accounts exist which refer to it by name. Most of the archaeological evidence has come from stray finds and some small rescue excavations have produced a number of artefacts, but so far a proper chronology of the settlement has remained illusive, until recently.

Polish excavations

A Polish research team from the Antiquity of Southeastern Europe Research Centre, University of Warsaw, began excavations at Rhizon over ten years ago. In 2010 they made an important discovery which would lead to a breakthrough in the understanding of the site’s chronology and that of its leaders.

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