Bredon Hill hoard detectorist named…and it is one of our customers

Published by Financial news, Sunday 23rd October 2011

“Jethro Carpenter, 43, and his friend Mark Gilmore, 47, we’re enjoying a walk in the Worcestershire countryside when they stumbled across the county’s largest hoard – 3874 Roman coins, dated between AD 280 – 282.” – Taken from Article

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The day we struck gold – with a metal detector and a little piece of luck

Published by Worcester News, written by Richard Vernalls, Saturday 22nd October 2011.

“Archaeologists who excavated the site shortly after the find have now uncovered a previously undiscovered Roman site of significant note, and say the hoard itself is of national importance.” – Taken from Article

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Bredon Hill Roman coins unveiled at Worcester Museum.

Published by BBC NewsHereford& Worcester, Friday 21st October 2011.

“The Roman haul – the county’s largest ever – is mainly bronze coins dating back to the 3rd Century.

Featuring 16 different emperors, many will be shown atWorcesterCityArtGalleryand Museum from Saturday.” – Taken from Article

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Redditchman makes major archaeological discovery.

Published by Redditch Advertiser, Saturday 22nd October 2011.

“Mr Carpenter, 43, was walking with friend Mark Gilmore when their metal detectors registered ‘overload’.

For two hours the pair excavated the area by hand, unearthing coin after coin before alerting the relevant authorities to the amazing find.”



















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