Parts of a Metal Detector | Beginners Guide | Part Two

A typical modern metal detector is light-weight and consists of four parts:

  1. Arm Cup – Usually situated near the handgrip, it’s shaped like an oval or half cup. It is used to keep the detector steady as you sweep it back and forth, your forearm fits snugly into it and there may be an optional Velcro armcups strap.
  2. Control box – This is the hub of the detector, it contains the control knobs/touchpads, main Circuit board, often also batteries and speaker.
  3. Stem – This long shaft connects the control box and the search coil; often adjustable in length so you can make it comfortable for your height.
  4. Search coil – the part that actually senses the metal, also known as the “search head,” or “loop”, is flat and mostly round or oval part. This the part that is held just above the ground.

Most control box’s also have a jack socket for connecting headphones, and some have the control box below the stem and a small display unit or meter above.

 Hobby Metal Detectors:







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