Thanks from the finder of the South Warwickshire Hoard…

We received an email this morning from the finder of the South Warwickshire Hoard…

“Many Thanks to all at Regton.

As the finder of the South Warwickshire Hoard, which, after 3 long years within the Treasure Act process, is now proudly displayed in Warwick Museum. I wanted to inform you that this fantastic Hoard (1,146 Denarii 190 B.C. to 64 A.D. ) was found using an XP GoldMaxx Power, purchased from Regton around late 2007, this machine is the best I have ever used finding items with ease that other machines I’ve used would struggle to give a signal on (hot days, those tiny, surface fragments of poor quality metal, Roman brooch or pin).  I’m certain that any machine would have found the Hoard nucleus, & the larger groups of coins, but it was the DEEP “stragglers” (some very valuable) that the Goldy excelled itself on.  The soil in that area is extremely iron-rich, but the Goldy was locating them (running “Hot”), some coins on their side, at depths of 9″ plus, in settled soil. I think those sort of depths, given the conditions & intense July heat, are MORE than respectable. Other finds made with this incredible machine include a Porcupine Scaeat (not too many of these found in Warwickshire), & a 9mm Gold & Garnet Saxon “Mount” , itself subject to Treasure Act. regularly finding Minims on a site that other machines can’t find them on, too.

Thank you again, EXCELLENT Machine, great service & product knowledge from you as well.”

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