Garrett GTI 2500

The GTI 2500 has an extraordinary number of advanced features unlike any available in today’s market. The GTI 2500 boasts a true All-Metal Deepseeking mode that provides above-average detection depth. Special software makes the GTI 2500 compatible with the Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier with EagleEye™ Pinpointing and the 12″ Imaging’ coil so it can detect targets at depths other detectors can’t reach. The GTI 2500 comes with a 9.5” imaging coil and instructional DVD.

Instruction Manual

The GTI 2500 can be converted into a hoard hunter to give an outstanding detection range on larger objects see:  Garrett Depth Multiplier for GTI range

Garrett’s Opinion
“My GTI is the product of over 40 years of metal detection research and design and sets the highest standards in treasure hunting” Charels GarrettThe GTI 2500 is the highest performing metal detector you can own. This inspiring, top-of-the-line machine is loaded with outstanding features like PowerMaster, ScanTrack, TreasureVision as well as Garrett’s exclusive Graphic Target Analyzing (GTA) technology and our patented Graphic Target Imaging (GTI) LCD screen, plus our high performance, true-Digital Signal Processing (DSP)! The GTI 2500 visually identifies the true size and depth of targets such as coins, pull tabs, bottle caps, drink cans and large cache sized treasures. And with its colourful and easy to read LCD graphics, you get visual identification of targets at unsurpassed depths and accuracy. Only the GTI 2500 gives you all the information you need about every target before you dig – which greatly increases your treasure hunting efficiency and success!


40″ – 51″ (Adjustable)
2.1 kg
Frequency 7.2 kHz
8 x AA batteries
2 Years

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