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 All three copies of Reading Beaches, Land and Tidal Rivers

All three copies of Reading Beaches, Land and Tidal Rivers

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Reading Beaches, Reading Land and Reading Tidal Rivers by T.Fletcher - All three copies.

All three copies of Reading Beaches, Land and Tidal Rivers details:

All three copies of Reading Beaches, Reading Land and Reading Tidal Rivers by T.Fletcher

Reading Beaches by E. Fletcher. Soft back, 85 pages, Illustrated Colour, 14.8cm x 21cm.

Edward Fletcher’s guide to identifying productive search areas, dealing with when where and how to search our coastline. In Reading Beaches Ted Fletcher tells you how to be in the right place, at the right time and with the right detector and shows you how to identify the most productive search spots.


  • Introduction
  • Eyes Only
  • Clothing
  • Equipment & Safety
  • Fossils On The Foreshore
  • Flint Artefacts Fish Traps Ports
  • Wrecks & Hulks
  • Sand Dunes
  • Christianity On The Coast
  • Coastal Industries
  • Fresh Water
  • Science & Sand
  • 5,000 Years On A Foreshore
  • Groynes
  • Sovereigns On The Foreshore

Reading Land by T.Fletcher. Soft back, 98 pages, Illustrated Colour, 14.8cm x 21cm.

This book is primarily aimed at relative newcomers to the hobby with a nod of recognition to the old hands at the game who will find one or two snippets worth adding to their site finding knowledge. In Reading Land the author, Ted Fletcher, aims to draw the readers attention to the sites (which he calls "nodal points of communication") where people have congregated in the past and where, by definition, the occurrence of casual losses of coins, jewellery, artefacts etc increases dramatically. This A5 title of 98 pages has 57 informative illustrations and is sure to help you locate the most productive areas to search with a detector or eyes only.


  • Introduction
  • Barns
  • Cropmarks
  • Reused Building Materials
  • Pollards & Coppices
  •  Vanished Industries
  • Windmills & Watermills
  • Crop Recognition
  • Droving Routes
  • Stiles
  • Manor Farms
  • Ponds
  • Converging Routes
  • Elevated Grounds
  • Churchyard Walls
  • Hollow-Ways and Hedgebanks
  • Nettles & Elders
  • Trees & Hedgerow Shrubs
  • Moated Sites
  • Eyes-only Techniques
  • Reading Maps
  • Boundary Lines
  • Isolated Churches
  • Farm Gates
  • Monastic Sites
  • Rural allotments
  • Rivers and Streams
  • Named Meeting Places
  • Farm Shops & Pick Your-Own Sites
  • Motte & Bailey Sites
  • Modern Farming Techniques
  • Vanished Mansions
  • Prosperous Villages

Reading Tidal Rivers by E. Fletcher. Soft back, 79 pages, Illustrated Colour, 14.8cm x 21cm.

Ted Fletcher has been writing books about our hobby for more than 30 years and he has always been fascinated by and fascinating about rivers, A valuable study. Ted Fletcher, one of Britain's most popular writers of how-to-do-it books for detector users, has combined brilliant colour photography with easy-to follow instructions that will guide every reader to spots on British and north European tidal rivers where more than 2000 years of human activity has left a wealth of fascinating losses and throwaways between the high and low water lines. The rivers around our coastline have frequently been flooded in recent years. Millions of gallons of rain water, combining with the effects of exceptionally high tides, have stripped many estuaries and tidal river banks of mud, sand and gravel to expose numerous coins and artefacts to the eyes and hands of experienced mud larks and detectorists who know where to hunt for them. Now, thanks to a book that is packed with detailed illustrations showing precisely what clues to look for on tidal rivers, any reader can become an expert on mud larking and riverside detecting.


  • Angles in the river wall
  • Riverside demolition sites
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Dolphins
  • Riverside pubs
  • Marker stones
  • Sales on the foreshore
  • Geography and Geology
  • Historical research
  • Search techniques
  • Unproductive foreshores
  • Nature works by weight
  • Oyster shells
  • Clay tobacco pipe stems
  • Pottery and glass fragments
  • Eyes only test
  • Introduction
  • Shape of the tide line
  • Muddy locations
  • Standing water on the foreshore
  • Tributaries
  • Old Timbers
  • Think as a Stevedore
  •  Modern boat yards
  • Jetties, causeways & landing stages
  • Mooring posts
  • Ferry sites
  • Access points
  • Shoots
  • Embankments
  • Camp shedding
  • Draw Docks.

Additional Information •• All three copies of Reading Beaches, Land and Tidal Rivers

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