Coil Cover for NEL Tornado Coils 12" x 13" - Latest RED

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Coil Cover for ALL NEW NEL 12" x 13" Tornado Coils - RED

RED Coil Cover for All NEW NEL 12" x 13" Tornado Coils.

Garrett ACE range
Garrett GTI range
Garrett GTAX550/750 & GTP range
Teknetics G2
Teknetics T2
Teknetics Alpha, Gamma, Delta, Omega
Whites Prizm & Coinmaster
Minelab Explorer, E-Trac, Quattro and Safari
Minelab X-Terra range 7.5Khz
Minelab X-Terra range 18.75Khz
Fisher F2, F4 & Discovery
Fisher F5 Fisher F70 & F75.

Coil covers protect the coil in operation and should remain on the coil during use. It is a good idea to use a coil cover on any metal detector as the wear and tear of using a detector can cause damage to the bottom of the coil. This coil cover will protect the bottom of the coil from scratches and marks, which may reduce the second-hand value of the detector. This new design will stop stubble and grass from being caught in the web coil.
Remember: it is far cheaper to replace a coil cover than to replace a coil.

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Brand Nel
Coil Size 12" x 13"
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