XP Remotes & Accessories

XP Remotes & Accessories

A full selection of XP Remote Controls and accessories.

XP's wireless protocol is about 10 times faster than low-latency Bluetooth. In the field, this ultra-fast transmission translates into a better target location. Conscious of respecting the environment and fighting against planned obsolescence, XP Metal Detectors is the first company to be awarded the new Longtime® label, the first European label to identify and promote products designed to last. XP is committed to three main requirements: sustainable design, repairability and long-term warranty.

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  1. XP DEUS Remote Control Front Panel with Touchpads

  2. ORX Remote Control Front Panel with Touchpads

  3. XP LCD for Deus/ORX remote

  4. XP Replacement Back for Deus and ORX remote

  5. XP Hip Mount Holster Deus II Remote Control

  6. XP Armband Waterproof for Deus / ORX Remote

  7. XP Remote Hip Mount Pouch

  8. XP Silicon Remote Cover for Deus / ORX

  9. XP Armband for Deus / ORX Remote Control

  10. XP Slide on holder for Deus / ORX remote control

  11. XP Deus remote lead with volume

  12. XP Screen Protector for Deus II Remote Control

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