XP Accessories

XP Accessories

A large choice of accessories for the whole range of XP metal detectors. Anything you need for DEUS, Deus II, Goldmaxx Power, Gmaxx 2, ADX and more.

Conscious of respecting the environment and fighting against planned obsolescence, XP Metal Detectors is the first company to be awarded the new Longtime® label, the first European label to identify and promote products designed to last. XP is committed to three main requirements: sustainable design, repairability and long-term warranty.

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  1. Deus II Antenna to Remote Clip

  2. Deus II Aerial Antenna - 115 cm

  3. Deus II Aerial Antenna - 250 cm

  4. Deus II Aerial Antenna - 65 cm

  5. XP Deus II Waveguide 115 cm

  6. XP Deus II Remote Control 20m Red Waterproof Cap

  7. XP DEUS II Dive Shaft

  8. XP Deus II Waveguide 250 cm

  9. XP WS4 and WS6 Stem Support

  10. XP Deus II Charging Lead 3 to 1

  11. XP DEUS II Jack Headphone Adapter

  12. XP BH01 Bone Conduction Headphones for DEUS II

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