240 Volt charger for XP 18 kHz Machines

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XP 240 Volt charger for 18 kHz machines.

240 Volt charger for XP 18 kHz Metal Detectors.

This charger will charge up your rechargeable batteries in the XP detector. No need to remove the batteries, just plug in the connector to the detector and switch on.

To charge your XP detector just turn the machine off, remove the search coil connector of the electronic box and insert the charger instead. 12-18 hours will charge your machine fully. Do not leave batteries charging for too long (over 20 hours). Never attempt to recharge alkaline batteries. When the battery power is low you will hear a series of beeps.

This battery charger is not suitable for charging alkalline batteries. Only charge Nimh batteries with this charger.

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