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Childrens Metal Detectors

Childrens Metal Detectors

Kids Metal Detectors

So you want to buy a detector for the kids, which one do you go for ?

Children Metal Detectors


  • Firstly you need to decide upon a price range
  • Old technology means ‘non-motion’, you will need to tune the machine and then re-tune regularly, not great for youngsters.
  • Modern technology means ‘motion’, the metal detector will automatically tune and keep itself in tune.
  • Discrimination is the ability to reject rubbish
  • Most machines below the Garrett Ace 150 WILL be either Chinese or old technology & beware of Chinese look-alikes



Things to think about when selecting the right Kids Metal Detectors :

Look for “turn-on-and-go” metal detector with user-friendly instrument panels. Anything too complicated may cause your child to lose interest, or be too difficult for children to use.

Remember children aren’t as strong as us, they are still growing and they can tire easily; look for a metal detector that is lightweight and durable- perfect metal detector for children.

Supervision is always recommended when children are using metal detectors. This is particularly important when headphones are used as children may have a tendency to be less aware of their surroundings. The digging tools we supply may have sharp or pointed edges and so caution must be taken when used by a child.

Why Metal Detecting is great for children:

Becoming Treasure Hunters will keep children busy, entertained, and interested in history and the environment as they start recovering relics, coins, jewellery and interesting artefacts.

Take them to the beach, the park or just your back garden metal detecting is a family friendly hobby, and can make a great day trip out

These detectors are not toys but are lightweight and can be adjusted to suit a Childs smaller height.

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