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Garrett Metal Detectors

Product description

Garrett's popular ACE series detectors have taken treasure hunting to a new level. They've taken much of the leading edge technology and features from the GTI and GTAx lines and packaged them into the most aggressive, rugged outdoor design in the industry. The ACEs are turning heads and sending the competition back to the drawing board. From custom notch discrimination, pinpointing, adjustable sensitivity and depth settings to the addition of the 6.5" ACE PROformance searchcoil, these detectors will never stop impressing you - or finding treasure!

Garrett build the best possible metal detectors and offer the best customer service because they are passionate about metal detectors. Here at Regton, we stock a full range of Garrett metal detectors including the new Ace 150 and Ace 250. We also stock the Garrett GTI2500, GTI1500, Sea Hunter Mark 2, Scorpion Goldstinger plus a full range of Garret Metal detector accessories. Regton are also the UK's leading stockist of Garrett Security metal detectors. Call now for information or email us on

Garrett ATX Metal detector

The NEW Garrett ATX metal detector is ultra-sensitive to very small targets, such as subgram-size gold nuggets, that other pulse machines will not find. Larger size gold, jewellery, and even relic targets can be detected at great depths.

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Garrett latest metal detector, which was designed specifically for international detectorists, including those of Europe and the UK. Users who have enjoyed the power and performance of an ACE 250 will certainly be interested in the new technology offered by Garrett’s new EuroACE.

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AT Pro International

This all-terrain detector offers new and exclusive Garrett technology that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, jewellery, and even gold nuggets. Select from either Standard or Professional search modes with enhanced audio features.

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at gold

AT Gold

NEW Garrett AT Gold including headphones, 10” gold pan, Garrett Deluxe Green backpack Garrett Retriever digging tool and alkaline batteries.

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ace 150

Garrett Ace 150

The Garrett Ace 150 is easy to use and offers high performance handling without any complex settings or adjustments. The Ace 150 also features great depth, accurate target ID & discrimination. You can search in all metal, jewellery or coins mode for ease of use.

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ace 250

Garrett Ace 250

The Garrett Ace 250 has full range notch discrimination, pinpoint feature, graphic target ID, and touch & go technology. The Ace 250 also comes with a graphic target ID cursor with 12 element GTA notch discrimination for much greater accuracy.

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ace locator package

Garrett Ace 250 Locator Package

The Garrett Ace 250 locator package comes with a Garrett Pro-Pointer Pinpoint Probe. The Ace 250 has full range notch discrimination, pinpoint feature, graphic target ID, and touch & go technology.

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ace 250 sport package

Garrett Ace 250 Sport Package


Garrett Ace 250 Sportpack with batteries, DVD, additional 9" x 12" coil, Ace Carry bag, Treasuresound Headphones, Meter cover & How to find lost treasure field guide.

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csi 250 ground search detector

Garrett CSI 250 Ground Search Detector

The Garrett CSI 250 Ground Search metal detector is simple to use and features unparalleled performance for searching crime scenes and carrying out searches and investigations.

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scorpion goldstinger

Garrett Scorpion Goldstinger

No other gold-hunting detector can match the three-mode versatility offered by the Scorpion Gold Stinger™. Just a flip of a switch is all it takes to change from Non-Motion All-Metal operation, to Motion Discriminate and search for coins.

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sea hunter mark 2

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2

Find more rings and less rubbish with the Sea Hunter Mark II. The Mark II boasts a unique, groundbreaking technology in the form of a patented Discrete Trash Elimination mode that discriminates unlike any conventional pulse induction (PI) detector.

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gti 2500 package

Garrett GTI 2500

The GTI 2500 has an extraordinary number of advanced features unlike any available in today's market. The GTI 2500 boasts a true All-Metal Deepseeking mode that provides above-average detection depth.

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Garrett Metal Detector accessories


Stems & Box Covers

Genuine Garrett Control box covers, Maz range of box covers, and stems for all Garrett Detectors


Coils and covers

Coils and coil covers for the range of Garrett metal detectors currently in stock at Regton.



Miscellaneous Garrett accessories and Gold Panning Kits

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Regton stocks a full range of metal detector accessories for all of the manufacturers we list. From coils to trowels, bags, headphones and anything else you can think of to accompany your detector.

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