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c.scope metal detectors c.scope metal detectors c.scope metal detectors c.scope metal detectors
C.Scope detectors

C.Scope Detectors

Product description

Bill Wyman uses C.Scope detectors and always has done since he took up the hobby in 1991. Bill really likes the CS1220 concept for the way in which it recognises targets by their different sounds. We stock a full range of C-Scope detectors including; Newforce R1, 5MXP, 1220R, 2MXP, 990XD, 1M, CS3MX, CS4PI. We also stock a full range of C-Scope metal detector accessories.

If you are just starting out in the hobby, one of these smart new C.Scopes is going to be just the job. Each one is carefully thought out for ease of operation with maximum performance. C.Scope is THE name in metal detectors. A name you can trust. Our designs are clever yet straightforward and based on 30+ years of concentrated involvement in the treasure hunting hobby. Excellent detectors at low prices are quite simply what make C.Scope the top choice for beginners and professional treasure hunters alike.

Taken from C.Scope promotional literature

"The C.Scope metal detector range utilises some smart technology to get maximum depth with total simplicity of operation. C.Scope design philosophy says that find rates will be far greater when the detector is easy to use. C.Scope is THE metal detector range manufactured in the UK, developed over 30 years of working closely with the country's most successful detecting enthusiasts." "There are things about our hobby you only get to know from experience. Like how it's the approach which gets results. And how the most expensive detector is not necessarily the best. A careful, slow search will always yield more finds than the speed merchants. C.SCOPE NON-MOTION TECHNOLOGY has been specifically developed for this methodical detecting technique. That's why C.SCOPE non-motion detectors have always been a firm favourite amongst professional archaeologists and detectorists. You won't find non-motion technology as good as ours in anybody else's range. It's a speciality which only we understand from all our years of working with successful detectorists. We know so many successful treasure hunters who started out with a C.SCOPE non-motion machine and have genuinely never found the need to change. C.SCOPE non-motion with straightforward operation plus sensational depth turns up the finds again and again for their lucky owners. Maybe it's time for you to change your own luck. Switch to C.SCOPE non-motion ... the best choice for serious detecting...

c.scope accessories

C-Scope Accessories

Full range of accessories for C.Scope metal detectors from Coil covers to meter covers designed and made in the UK.



New C.Scope 6MXI is supplied with new 28 cm 2D elliptical style search head. The Specialist MOTION detector featuring the famed C.Scope Audio Tone Discrimination feature.



C.Scope 4MXI Supplied with 8x11" 2D elliptical search head.
High power Motion performance, dual discrimination.

c.scope 440xd


A great non motion detector at a low price. The C.Scope 440XD is a lightweight detector with variable discrimination which will distinguish good signals from bad ones.

c.scope 770xd


The C.Scope 770XD is a switch on and go detector at a great price. There are two detection tones to give the user an idea of what the target is likely to be - low tone for bad targets and high tone for good targets.

c.scope CS1MX


The C.Scope CS1MX is a simple, easy to understand metal detector. Lightweight with great balance the CS1MX is the ultimate in simplicity for anyone taking up the hobby or for those with a little more experience.



The C.scope 990XD is a high performance non motion detector. The CS990XD has just two main controls: the Tune Control, which allows the user to adjust the detector for differing site conditions & the Level Control.


C.Scope 3MXi

The CS3MX is a high performance metal detector operating on the ‘MOTION’ principle. This means that the search head must be kept moving at a steady sweep speed to achieve optimum performance.



The CS4PI operating frequency can be adjusted for maximum sensitivity on all ground types with minimal inteference. The CS4PI is a great beach detector, the light weight can be made even lighter with the belt-mountable control box.



New Black edition with an 8" POLO coil, and features meter discrimination on a large, clear, meter display; and two factory pre-set ground settings for easy adjustment to prevailing ground conditions.

Newforce R1

C.Scope Newforce R1

The CSR1 is a computer driven design, finely tuned and ready to go as soon as you switch on. The computer aided search system keeps everything operating at peak performance, with its backlit display-providing target ID information.

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